1. Communications Design
    A stable and reliable communications network backbone is the foundation of any security system solution. Whether the communications medium is fiber optic, wireless, leased line, or other our team of professionals have you covered.
  2. Security System Design
    From Electronic Access Control Systems (EACS) to CCTV Camera Surveillance system to Video Management System (VMS) solutions and video storage selection, our team of security professionals have the expertise to provide the solution that is right for your organization.
  3. Software Design
    Our software design team has the capabilities to design and develop custom desktop, web, and mobile applications to help manage and optimize your business processes to help increase both your organization's productivity as well as the flexibility of how and where your work.
Business Collaborations
Strategic Partners... Vendor Agnostic
At SpectrumHaven it is our firm belief that not all solutions are created equal because not all system enhancements/improvements can be implemented the same.  To this end, we are constantly performing marketplace assesments of the latest technologies to ensure we have the most complete understanding of what options are available to our clients.  We are able to identify the best-in-class solutions that meet the requirements dictated by our clients in order to achieve their business objectives.  This goal is implemented with the understanding that each solution must be tailored to the specified requirements based not only on the business vertical and the business size, but most importantly the client. 

Security can only be achieved through constant change, through discarding old ideas that have outlived their usefulness and adapting others to current facts.
William O. Douglas
CCTV Camera Video Surveillance
Integrated Systems Solutions
Video surveillance is no longer about placing a camera on a pole or wall and pressing record.  In today's society it is so much more.  It is about getting actionable data from your cameras and edge devices in order to provide you with the situational awareness required to keep your facility secure and your organization's business operations and processes running smoothly.  To that end, a video surveillance system is not just a few cameras and a recorder, and so has the potential to provide your organization with some much more. Let our team of security professionals help your organization build a video surveillance solution that optimizes both your investment and the security of your organization.
For almost every security concern that an organization faces,  whether it involves their network or the physical facility, there is a solution offered in the market.  The question that follows is what makes one solution better than another or how do you know if that solution is the right solution for your organization.  At SpectrumHaven we specialize is performing marketplace product research and technology assessments to determine the right  solution(s) for your organization based on an individualized understanding of your issues and needs.  Once that has been established, we then design a holistic solution to integrate these seemingly disparate systems into user manageable interfaces.