Secure Innovation Realized...
Our Ideals
At SpectrumHaven our ideals are built upon a foundation that is strongly rooted in the belief that with each solution we design we are not only improving the business objectives and goals of our clients, but also the communities in which they reside and in turn the society in which we live.  It is this belief that expands our sense of responsibility and dedication past the focus on one client because of the understanding of the potential greater impact on the communities and society as a whole.  We believe by us serving our clients to the best of our abilities, it allows them to better serve those in their communities as well, which makes any project we undertake a priority regardless of its magnitude.
SpectrumHaven is an innovative engineering and consulting firm that specializes in security system design and advanced technology integration.  We pride ourselves in our ability to work across various business verticals yet still be able to implement solutions that are specifically tailored to our client’s business needs and objectives; firmly standing behind the adage that “each solution is not created equal”.  With each project we work closely with our clients in a collaborative effort to ensure we not only thoroughly understand the issues currently being faced but more importantly our client’s goals and expectations both of us and the project overall. 

Our Passion
At SpectrumHaven our passion revolves around serving our clients and providing them with exceptional client service.  We strive to exceed client expectations through our ability to listen to client needs, our ability to communicate how we plan to achieve client’s goals while adhering to stated requirements, and deliver the highest level work product.

Our Vision
At SpectrumHaven our vision is to evaluate each solution from a holistic standpoint.  Having the understanding that many of our client’s security and technology concerns and needs are derived from several factors, it only seems logical that the potential resolutions sometimes may only be achievable through the implementation of several individual solutions.  This is where our focus on advanced technology integration becomes vital.  It is our firm belief that the true value of any of our engineered solutions is directly related to the additional value generated by the use of these technologies/applications by the end users, our clients.  The primary objective being to make those end users more efficient and productive through the use of updated tools and/or improved situational awareness.  However, simply having more tools in the toolbox does not always equate to improved performance and quality if those tools are not utilized properly.  That is why a holistic view is required to have an individualized understanding of how each standalone solution component can be integrated to formulate a total solution to implement our client's business processes.